We're here to answer any questions you may have on our service and how they work

What is Infinix Media

Infinix Media provides marketing and technology solutions for health insurance agencies. We are a source for exclusive and shared health leads, in addition offer a proprietary dialer to connect your agents with buyers.

Why use us?

Being in the Insurance industry for years, we have been on the buying side before. We understand the market, the psychology of the buyers, and what makes a true quality lead. All of our leads are generated in house, and constantly analyze lead feedback/disposition to groom our campaigns.

What kind of leads do you generate?

We generate individual and family health insurance leads.

Are the leads exclusive to me?

Our exclusive data and live transfer leads are exclusive to your business. No other health agency will be calling these leads to offer their products. Shared health leads are not exclusive to you, as they are shared real time between 3-4 times.

How will I get my leads

Data leads will be delivered real time either by posting into your dialer or via email. Live transfers are routed to your agency and the record of that transfer can also be delivered.

How much do leads cost?

Pricing varies on volume commitment and lead type. To test how much these leads are worth, please give us a call now!

What can I expect my CPA to be?

The overall average CPA for Infinix's buyers with our leads is consistently between $100-$130.

Do you offer any Insurance Products?

See some of the top products and highest commissions in the nation from our industry-leading partners, National Health Solutions at: NHSINS.COM

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